Zuzzy Mat – Painting Experience in Photos

My experience painting a Zuzzy Mat

You can watch the slide show above as is or click it to get the full effect. The slice captions are written to be both educational on my experience and humorous in various spots. In fact I probably spend more time bitching about the camera and the flash than I do about actual techniques but that is mainly because the techniques for painting the Zuzzy Mat are not much different from painting a figure. A very large 72″ tall, 48″ wide figure at that!

In my attempts to paint glowing lava on Zuzzy mats you will get a chance to see how various shading techniques work. I hope you like what I’ve accomplished so far. More to come!


  1. Yes. Just click on it and there are a lot of options. I had it originally set for 8 seconds but I think the default is 4 seconds. When you click on it you will get access to the controls.

  2. Is it possible to slow it down a bit?

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