Zuzzy Mat finished for AT-43

I’ve finally finished the Zuzzy Mat and brought it to Las Vegas. It came out wonderfully. While it was a lot of work to paint it did look spectacular. To the left is a photo manipulation showing the surface of Damoclese as I envisioned it. You can see the large formation I made out of the intermodal boxes (very Halo 3 I might add) and the Wartorn Worlds terrain I also brought.

One thing to note about the paints I used, while the red looks quite glowy it is mainly because the camera can detect wavelengths of IR that the human eye cannot and this influences the final picture. I assure you the lava was not glowing as much as you can see in many of these photos!

Click photos for an enlarged view at picasaweb.

Almost Finished Mat

Lava Detail

Surface detail

Prior to painting

Therians in a defensive position

Sniper Tower

Sniper Hero shot

Red Block Defensive Line

“Hold Steady!”

“Watch the brass, we are going to be busy, boys.”

It is about to get ugly…

“It’s too horrible!!!”

Gauss Guns are effective, but not when the enemy has made contact with friendies. This AT gunner can’t get a clean shot on the Therian striders but can only watch the hapless slaughter.


  1. Peter M. says:

    Rackham makes the intermodals. Many come with unit packages. You can also buy some of them seperately. The doors work and, as you can see, they have a lot of detail.

  2. BIGsheep says:

    Good job. Mind me asking where you got the cargo containers from?

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