Zone of Interest added to blog roll

I just stumbled upon the wargaming blog Zone of Interest. I’ve added it to the blog roll because it is smartly written and a joy to read at that. It isn’t updated very often (like I should complain!) but it is full of great articles. I highly recommend it. For some reason my blog was on there as well already… small world. Anyway, this belated link back is in honor of the great work the author has done on his site.

Next up. Pictures of how things are progressing on Iwo Jima.


  1. I mistyped it. It should be Zone of Influence… Anyway it is there. It may have been delayed since my blogroll is connected to my Google Reader preferences.

  2. Chicago Terrain Factory says:

    What’s the link – I don’t see “Zone of Interest” on your blog roll.

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