Why Can’t this be a movie coming out?!?!

View the MOVIE.

This clip rocks! Its a promotional clip for the arcade shooter Armored Core 4. It has extremely high production values! If the Japanese would make a feature length film out like this I’d be there and relive my favorite Saturday Morning pasttime of the 70’s – Creature Double Feature!

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

As for Armored Core – I am not sure its a game I’m into. It’s very arcadish. Not a bad thing but for Mech games I like a bit more to do. I think people fall into different camps on that note just like people who play miniatures games – some like hyper amounts of detail and some like fast and easy play. What floats your boat… as they say.

NOTE: I tried to embed the video but the IGN code didn’t show the video I selected but another video. The embedding was nice but for the wrong thing. Kind of a bummer actually, but a small one on the scale of things!

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