What would you do with a years worth of military history

At Historicon this year I entered several contests. The one I was most interested in was the Casemate Publications “Win Military History for a Year” contest where one winner gets a book a month. Other prizes included some very nice military prints. I was surprised and happy to find out I was the winner. Casemate Publications has some extremely excellent books. My good friend Mr. English had turned me onto their books a couple of years ago with some he had purchased.

So, you are probably wondering what I chose for my first book? It was a hard decision. I love all of history. I play all periods and love military science so when a company with a broad selection of books offers me a chance to pick one… it was mind boggling hard. However I did have some help. The representative for Casemate at Historicon is the lovely Ms. Simone Drinkwater. Don’t be fooled though. This petite blond knows her sprockets from her S-Mines. In fact I heard her nickname was “Tank Girl.” So that got me thinking about armor. I searched quite a bit and came up with this gem:


It looks perfect. Pretty pictures of tanks, lots of text… heck they even have a centerfold of a Tiger Tank! Tank Porn. There, I said it. If you can’t understand getting all excited about a big book on WWII tanks then you are reading the wrong blog!

So please check out Casemate. They have a lot of really lovely books. They are a great compliment to Osprey Publishing. Many thanks to Casemate for the contest. It really has me inspired!

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