What did you get for the Holidays?

My big gift: Descent: Journeys in the Dark

My family just kinda nod their heads as they try to figure out why an adult enjoys GAMING. I never ask for metal miniatures from them because that would be even worse – all they’d see were unfinished metal blobs. However, this year, who could not be intrigued by what was in the box of Descent? I am flying home tomorrow and let me tell you, that box has given me a huge headache in how I am packing things. I considered leaving my shoes behind…

Descent is about entering a fantasy dungeon, fighting the big bad guy, stomping on his minions and stealing his loot. Loads of fun. Some of you may know that I wrote Dungeon Crawl a few years back. Where Dungeon Crawl was meant for one off gaming, this is totally meant for campaign play! Descent also uses the same background story as my other favorite game from Fantasy Flight Games, Runebound so its nice to see some more depth there.

Descent comes in a huge box, is STUFFED with miniatures (over 80, some very huge) and some very high quality components. Its a combat game where players hack and smash their way through a dungeon.

Another game I got was Shadows over Camelot which is an immensely cool game good for 3-7 players (though it can be played solo or with 2 players I hear.) This game retells the story of the Authurian legend starting with the the dark times after Guenevere and Lancelot have left the scene. There are plenty of quests to run on and lots of intrigue. What makes the game unique is that it is played cooperatively with the players vs. the system. It looks frightfully good. I’ll write more on it some other time.

As for the Greater Pacific War project, not much progress was made this past week. I wanted to get some painting done but visiting family and friends took precedence. I did play a fantastic game of Corsairs and Hellcats with Pete English. We did a scenario where the U.S. tried to bomb the hell out of a Japanese Air Base on the Leyte. Alas the U.S. bombers and fighter escort was no match for the Ki-84 as “Forget it, its a Frank” was called out. The Hayate (aka Hurricane) fighters had every advantage (including fanatical devotion to the Emperor!) With the lead Frank piloted by Jobo giving it a performance of 8 there was just no end to the lead these boys could throw and when they chose to attack the laden bombers… There was not much that could be done.

We also played Star Wars Miniatures Battles (of course.) I won one and English won one so that was a tie. The one I won had Seperatists droids running through the jungle vs. Clone Troopers and Jedi. I have new respect for the Super Battle Droids. Give them a little support and they are pretty kick ass.

Finally played a few games of Wings of War which is a card game but the card representing your bi-plane (or tri-plane) acts as a miniature that you fly around the board. Simple and fun. Cheap too. I got mine on sale for about $20. Up to 4 players can play out of the box and there are a few supplements to help add more variety and interst to the game.

Well that’s my report. Hope you all had a great holiday and I look forward to reporting more on the progress of the GPW project!

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