What Are Story Games?

A friend has started a website for Story based games. They are a lot like Role-playing games but are more casual and less rules intensive. They are perfectly suited for one-off games or convention games. He, obviously, is a big fan of them and his site, What Are Story Games, has links to several example rule sets out there. One that caught my eye was Geiger. Well worth taking a moment to check them out.

I’ve done some experimentation on my own with Story Games and I like the concept. Its a bit like Kriegsspiel. Kriegsspiel was the 19th century Prussian officers’ training game where the instructor would present a situation and the young officer candidates would discuss what they would do.

What I liked about Geiger was the theme – survival (horror, behind enemy lines, alien invasion, etc.) and that most characters would end up dead by the end. Much more appealing than fantasy: “If we can just get over ourselves we might defeat the dragon! Gosh I look dashing in my shiny Paladin’s armor!”

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