WH40k 5th edition first few games

Many thanks to Wargames for having a Warhammer 40K day. Plus, many more thanks to Mike Hicks for lending me painted figures to use. Without his very generous offer I would not have had the opportunity to try this new system out as my figures are not yet finished.

I like the new game a lot. I got in 3 games using a Thousand Sons army. I lost one, got the next on a draw and won my third game. I got a nice feel for the game. Some rules were not played right but for the most part we got them right. This is because the rules are very clear. Make no mistake, it is a game and not a simulation, but it is a very good game and very tactical. I grealy enjoyed the tactical problems I was presented. I could see that it wasn’t just a dice festival and tied up in luck. When I lost, I knew why I lost and which decisions were mistakes. When I drew, it was a nail biter of a game with Kirk Harris skillfully snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. My win… well that was just a dice festival. The Guard army I was up against was all infantry and they needed some heavy fire power to take out my units.

Army balance is clearly a key skill to learn with army building and you have to tweek it just right for times when your one list will face many others. The three gaming types mean that have can’t optimize for just one approch but must be good with 2 of 3. It just isn’t possible to make a list that is both fast, hard hitting and well protected. This is a natural trade-off and a good design decision by GW.

I’ll be writing more about this game in the months to come.

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