We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Well, it looks like our filmmaker isn’t making documentaries anymore but he still has a passing interest in the project.  I am hopeful we can use him as a source to find another filmmaker.  That would be great.

Today I’ve been thinking about coming up with a set of rules specific to the games we are going to run in the GPW project.  I am thinking that perhaps they will be something that could sell.  It would help offset the cost of making all the terrain and make Iwo Jima a more certain possibility.

Speaking of which, Baxter, Al and I decided that a 16 long Iwo Jima would give the right feel.  I am envisioning a framework being built on 4 four foot long sections.  They would be 5 feet wide and stackable with two foot long braces.  This would make for 2 four foot high, four foot wide and 5 foot long sections.  Like Chief Brody says in the movie Jaws, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”  I can work with FAA and rent a bigger truck.  If I can get funding for this project I would hire a bigger truck and drivers so that Baxter and lackey would not have to drive it all the way up and back.  The ride back is grueling to say the least because for economic reasons it makes sense to do it on one shot.

What color were tanks painted in the Pacific?  I’ve seen some with basic camo patterns on them but I don’t know what the colors were.  One in particular shows a tank called ‘Bed Bug.’  Any clue?

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