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Welcome to a new entry in my Blogroll. The site Shogun Ki is great. I discovered it this morning while reading news from the Asian War list server. I’ve been getting more and more interested in redoing Japanese Art of War and broadly publishing the rules with all the updates the last 5 years have generated. He gives very extensive book reviews and discusses the Samurai time period extensively. If you want to know how to distinguish a suicidal guy in a bathrobe with a sword from a Samurai – check his site out!

You can select Shogun Ki from the blogroll on the right or you can read all of the blogs by clicking “Read More…” to see all of the latest postings from all of the bloggers in the list.

If you aren’t aware you can create your own daily magazine by collecting various blogs that discuss things you like. I use http://reader.google.com to consolidate mine but there are several RSS aggregators available out there. For me it has transformed the way I look at the web. While there are a lot of blogs that add nothing, there are a good number that are detailed, interesting and worth taking the time to peruse. When you click the “Read More…” you get to see one particular folder I’ve made using Google reader. Try it out and don’t forget to add Corpcommander to you daily feed!


  1. Peter M. says:

    You definitely have the best wide scale list there is, which is one of the reasons I visit your site every other day.

    VictoryPoints will launch later this summer. If possible it will launch just before Historicon. With cooperation it has the power to become a portal for all of the blogs out there. Instead of having one personality running the show, it can enable many voices to be heard. That is at least my intent. I am looking into incorporating aspects of social networking into it as well using the NING platform (ning.com). I have been privately soliciiting for “editors” to add to the site. Mainly if you have created something (a set of rules, a scenario or campaign, play aides, then I want you to own a piece of the site. If you have google AdSense then the pages that are set up for you will have your adsense code on them.

    Back in 2002 I set up a teaser site for the Operation Market Garden game that was run at Cold Wars ’03 and then later at Historicon ’05. It generated on average 50,000 hits a month for several years. Had that been monotized it would have generated several thousands of dollars.

    The idea here is that interesting work is rewarded, or at least can be. The rewards should go to whom they belong to. It should be easy for people to participate and enjoy the fruits of the site.

    Write me off line if you want more details on what we are doing.

  2. Chicago Terrain Factory says:

    I’ve gone looking for a wide variety of blog subjects, you just don’t know when someone will post something interesting. In addition to letting me stay in touch with a lot of bloggers, the feeds also form a personal data base of hobby topics.

    So when are you rolling out VictoryPoints? I think this is at least the second time you’ve teased the site.

  3. Peter M. says:

    Yes, you can see it here:

    Blog Feed

    Your site has a short window with lots of blogs. I chose to have fewer in my feed. The reason is I wanted just blogs I liked reading and just enough that I could read them in a day. Ultimately I think the day of the gaming magazine is dead. I’ve read more great stuff in the last month than I’ve gotten from most magazines individually in the last year. This new Shogun Ki blog is just a perfect example of literate, exceptional writing that you can encounter on gaming blogs.

    When I get VictoryPoints.com active as a full-fledged gaming resource site I plan on aggregating blogs there as well as static resources. I love my blog but the main problem is I can’t use it to store files and the articles roll off with no easy way for me to make them sticky. VictoryPoints will have initially a lot of stuff from me but ultimately it will be a community project. I plan for it to be everything I wish TMP was if you know what I mean.

  4. Chicago Terrain Factory says:

    I really like having blog entries delivered by RSS feed – even the best authors only post original material several times a month & some authors are as sparse as once every several months.

    Are you going to post the blog roll link list that makes up the aggregated feed?

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