[Warmaster] Empire Army, 18 blisters asking $150 — SOLD

Empire Army for sale

Empire Army for sale


Up for sale is this 18 blister set. Wanted $150 or trade or service barter for the lot.


  • Empire Pistoleers
  • Empire Heroes and Wizards
  • Empire Knights x3
  • EmpireĀ Flagellants
  • Empire Hand Gunners
  • Empire Crossbowmen x3
  • Empire Hellblaster Volley Gun
  • Empire Grand Theogonist on War Alter
  • Empire Hero on Griffin
  • Empire Skirmishers
  • Empire Steam Tank
  • Empire Cannons x2
  • Giant


  1. Maybe a little late, but is this army sold?

  2. If they are still for sale I will buy them all. Please reply here and I’ll send you my contact information

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