Wake Island Added to the List

I am very fortunate. I have a friend, Jim Keats, who has offered to cover Wake Island. I have also met a new friend from friends down here, Mike Peccolo who will also run a Wake Island game. Jim will run his at Historicon. Mike will run his at Nashcon. Since I am located in Nashville I will run my games at Nashcon as well. Baxter Key will run his Bataan game at Naschcon too. With Mike onboard this means at least 4 GPW games there.

Speaking of which, it has been proposed that the theme of Nashcon be The Pacific. Of course I think this is wonderful and if they do manage to pass that I will do everything I can to help. If you have not been to Nashcon yet you should consider either running a game or just coming as a participant. The location is great and the convention is fun. I have seen some absolutely beautiful games run there.

Stay tuned! This project is just starting!


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