Well I had good intentions ages ago of getting Victory Points up and running but it has failed to happen because Joomla was a pain in the tush to learn and customize. It has a lot of cool features but it was more work than I have had time for.

So I’m doing it all over again. I am also wondering if I am going to keep alive as well. My thought are that I will use GPW to store everything there is about my Iwo Jima game that as of today is back on track. For the site to be successful it will have to have everything about the battle – history, model making, terrain making, rules, design notes and after action reports – in such a way that the site can be expanded to incorporate many other battles as well.

VictoryPoints will be much broader – being a storage place for lots of game aids and reports of all kinds. Since it will be less static I’ll have my hands full creating the basic software to handle it all. With I want to be able to cross genre lines and allow the site visitors to participate as much as possible.

The host I am using is and right now they are having an unannounced sale where you get 3 months hosting for free. Their rates are already dirt cheap – I think I pay around $10 for three domains. I am plenty happy with the service. The sites have great up time.

I just finished a very simple design for a community action website designed to let a community keep up inappropriate development. Power to the people. It refocused me on these two other websites and the direction I need to take them in.

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