Victory Points almost open for business

I’ve been busy getting things ready for the new website. Right now the only thing that isn’t ready to go are the Forums. I am using Disqus to moderate the comments and I am hopeful they will eventually add forums. I would hate to have members work with two different membership systems. It is too much work to “invent my own” so I am dependent upon a third party solution. I’ve also been working to weed out spammers who seem to really love attacking Word Press sites.

I’ve already started to put content up. I need an RPG editor. I’d like to have other secondary editors as well. I’ve taken the mantle of Wargames Editor since that is 90% of my gaming anyway. If anyone is interested in being an editor (which consists of blogging, completing gaming projects and documenting them in photos and essays) then contact me here.

Lately my interests have swung to WH40K, HOTT, DBA for primary play and various boardgames for intermittent play. I have at least two boardgames I’ve gotten this year that I would LOVE to play if I can find opponents.

Once Victory Points is up this site will become inactive. It will be redundant. You can sign up for the Victory Points RSS feed instead!

So far things are progressing nicely on the site. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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