Useful AT-43 Links

I wanted to give a mention of a couple of web resources that I enjoy that support AT-43. The first is the well done Damoclese File. This is Ken Chipman’s baby and its a beautiful site. If you are trying to explain AT-43 to friends then point them here at some point. It is a fan’s perspective.

Another is a mailing list I am on. The AT-43 Mailing List has fans just like you with all the questions and experiences to share. Its a small group but active. Definitely give it a look.

Also many thanks to Rackham for the wonderful mention of this blog on their weekly newsletter! It is always a great read and was a bit of a surprise when I saw that they mentioned the blog in such glowing terms! Honestly that was unexpected. You can sign up on their website for the newsletter. I highly recommend it – it brings all the latest news on Confrontation and AT-43 to your inbox. Also the site has the official forums which are an excellent source of information, inspiration and wild speculation!

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