[TMP] "WoW Watch Your Back and Burning Drachens Question" Topic

[TMP] “WoW Watch Your Back and Burning Drachens Question” Topic

On The Miniatures Page a fellow asked if the 2nd and 3rd sets in the Wings of War game was worth getting. Here is what I responded with:

The second set introduces 2 seaters which are a whole new ballgame when it comes to aerial combat. They are really tough opponents. That back seat gunner makes all the difference in the world.

The third set enables balloon busting missions which are a lot of fun. I played it today at HMGS-Midsouth and we had a blast. The allies had a plane with rockets and the German’s had a balloon, 2x AAA and a Albatros D.III. The Allies got a lucky hit with their first rocket and the balloon when boom BUT, since even they weren’t expecting it, the aircraft was in the vacinity of the explosion and was crippled! The Albatros made quick work of him. I totally recommend the game.

I love the new miniatures as well. Not only do you get an assembed, well painted and based
miniature, you get an additional manuever deck of cards. The comparison to a metal model breaks down like this in my opinion:

Cost of WoW miniature: $12
Cost of Skytrex Miniature: $8
For the addition of $4 you get 1 extra
deck of manuever cards, 1 see through, properly marked base, fully painted and assembled model and a storage tray.

You can’t go wrong. There are only 4 types of mid-war aircraft available in this wave but more are coming. They did an excellent job on this. Highly recommended.

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