Thought Hammer

Thought Hammer

Thought Hammer is an online retailer that sells boardgames, CCGs, miniatures and so forth. I found them through Boardgame Geek and decided to give them a try since I wanted to pick up some of the Runebound expansions.

They have great prices (up to 35% off of retail) and the service is fantastic. Packing and shipping was well done and they were great with communicating back to me. I think of all the things an online retailer can get right or wrong, communication is the most important. After that comes service and price. I am more prone to pay more for good service than to save a buck and wait in doubt.

So what did I get? I got the two adventure decks for Runebound: “Crown of the Elder Kings” and “The Scepter of Kyros” as well as the boxed expansion “The Isle of Dread” which I was not able to get at the local Nords Games (I could have ordered it but since they don’t give discounts and driving eats up gas, I gave that option a pass.)

I played Runebound the weekend of Nashcon with Rohn and Pete and had a great time. We played it with the two new items decks and the two new challenges decks. It was a blast. We did it over two nights logging about 5 hours for 3 players (two of which were very new to the game.) I ended up winning but, as Rohn put it concerning my items, I had the Arsenal of Democracy. Indeed in the end game I did have the Wings of Regiroth and some crystal scepter that allowed me to make an additional 2 damage magic attack in pre-combat. Since I was playing Carthos the Mad this allowed me to potentially deal out 4 damage in pre-combat! I was basically unstoppable and when I took on the Red Encounters I was at +14 magic in woods (base plus experience plus a special encounter card.) Suffice to say my allies would watch the fireworks show while I fried 3 of the lesser dragons. I had 7 health so it wasn’t even a competition.

I am REALLY looking forward to the Isle of Dread expansion. That baby looks sweet!

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