Therian Attack at The Dead Refinery

[UNA SITREP – Capt. Louis]

We dropped onto The Dustball just 3 days prior to the attack. This section of the factory world was used up for the most part. The dust was from pulverized rock stripped of ore. The section we were in appeared to be some giant refinery/processing plant. The machines were dead. Leave it up to the brains at CENTCOM to send us on patrol here.

We established a perimiter defensive line by the third day. The complex was so extensive though that our line was incredibly thin. We actually got the drop on them first. We spotted them before they realized we’d set up a hard defensive position. They outnumbered us but I think it is safe to say we felt confident we could hold back the tide. Looking back… I am not sure where that confidence came from.

The came at us, often avoiding cover just so they could make the best possible speed. At long distance any effective shots were nullified by the EMI Grid – a Therian would go down an then a flash followed by a new or repaired Therian standing up. As they got closer and our fire became more accurate we did start to whittle them down.

That was when they brought in the big guns…



When the Hekat tore through the Star Trooper squad on our flank we knew it was only a matter of time. When it came for us, well, what can I say? No amount of courage could stand up to that. It was insanity. How Le Croix managed to stick his Volcano MG into just the right spot and pull the trigger we will never know. He survived the battle as did half my squad physically but mentally we were all shattered.

They destroyed everything in their path like locust. Wally in “01” was the most unlucky son-of-a-bitch I’ve ever seen. His Fire Toad was immobilied in short order by the Black Wraith but he stuck to his gun. He shattered that damn thing. But they kept coming. Then he lost Gun 2. Then Gun 1. He must have been welded in there because anyone would have punched out. He kept broadcasting and you knew they knew it. We tried to rush a mechanic up there to get his propulstion system back on line but withering fire kept us at bay. When they finally got to him they did him with flame. It wasn’t enough that he was immobilized and disarmed. They had to finish him off.

When I called the order to get back to the shuttle it was the right thing to do. The damn blips can keep their dead refinery. Our point had been made and honor served. It was time to head home.

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