Theatre of War Pics, Videos and Wallpapers

Theater of War is coming on April 19th and it looks to be a very promising computer game.

The lineage of the the gaming companies gives it the promise of being very historical and very fun to play. While Combat Missions for the Next Generation is still “in development”, this real time game seems to be the one that may replace CMXX in my heart. To be honest – the graphics look a lot better and the real time action, I think, will improve the fun of it.

I’ll have to figure out a way of getting it installed legally on Pete English’s computer without tipping off his wife that it was me that put this addicting crack in their home! Jim Keats seems to have the most computer accumen of any of his other friends so I’ll blame him. Rohn Kelley also fits the bill but we’ll have to wait and see. He’ll be my backup plan.

I like how realistic the game appears to be and the attention to details such as delays in requesting artillery fire mission from higher command. This game could be the stuff of legends – lets hope so!

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