The Team is set for the BIG PTO Project!

The most exciting thing about this weekend is knowing that my core team is ready for the giant Greater Pacific War project. Here is the rundown:

  • Pete English: Lead GM.
  • Sam Scott: Rules Advisor
  • Martin Baber: Terrain Advisor
  • Baxter Key: Lead miniatures advisor and industry liason

These 4 guys are my backbone on this project. They are going to help make it magnificent. I am also hopeful I can recruit Mr. Sean Barnett for naval action and Mr. Michael Sammarco for running his 28mm Tarawa game. If you have never played in one of his games you are missing out. He does a fantastic job!

I am very excited about this project, no doubt, and each day that things get check off the list the happier and more excited I become. I am sure now, with this team, that I can make it all happen. That is a great thing!

No doubt there is a lot of work ahead of us but we are going to get it done. One of the first things on the list is getting the Operation Market Garden video finalized for airing and then selling from the website. Money from that will help fund a professional documentary on this project which will also be aired and sold on DVD.

It will only happen with hard work though. So here is too the project. Pretty soon the Press Release will be ready and off we are to the races. There are only 10 months until Historicon!

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