The Latest News

Its been a while since I have posted and there is much to say. The project is steaming along nicely. I’ve been working on the CGI on the website off and on. Work takes top priority and on top of that I’ve been sick for a couple of days. However I have gotten some things done so the article system should be up soon and that will allow me to be much more prolific.

Alison has gone and done a bang up job on helping us get promotion opportunities. We might get national TV coverage is all goes well. The show we are talking to is on Sunday’s and I really like it. Its one of those things were you say “it’d be perfect if we could do that!” It would be a perfect match I think. More details as they become available.

The logistical planning for the show is coming along. I am very excited about what we are trying to do and I think that in short order we will have the show logistics nailed down. Transportation and other logistical needs are not yet figured out but I expect it will pan out.

We have been talking with the new Promotions fellow for Historicon, John Franklin and he is amiable, dedicated to the hobby and the show and one bright guy. Alison and he are going to make the magic happen!

I got some shirts from the products section of our website. I am totally happy with them! They look great! I will be making more product as we press on. I am supposedly getting mouse pads in the mail soon. I’ll report how those came out as well.

More news to follow and soon, hopefully a workbench article on the miniatures. Lets hope this cold of mine goes away soon.


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