The Greater Pacific War Project Grows

The Greater Pacific War Project has been growing for the last few weeks. We have gone from 5 core members to 15. We have garnered industry support as well. It’s been a very exciting time.

The project, in summary, is an attempt to re-tell the history of The Greater Pacific War of 1931-1945 with historical miniatures. We have a website that is growing in functionality. I also have been blogging about the project at

To give you an idea of the depth of the project the following games are to be run at Historicon 2006. Not all scenario names are finalized but watch the website for further details.

  • Marco Polo Bridge Incident, China, 1937
  • Pearl Harbor, 1941
  • Slim Creek, Burma, 1942
  • Singapore, Malaya, 1942
  • Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1942
  • Retreat to Bataan, Philippines, 1942
  • Kokoda Trail, New Guinea, 1942
  • Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Ironbottom Sound, 1942
  • Bouganville, Solomon Islands, P-38 Interception of Adm. Yamamoto, 1943
  • Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, 1943
  • Kohima, Nagaland (North East India), 1944
  • Battle off Samar, Philippine Sea, 1944
  • Iwo Jima, Bonin Chain, 1945
  • Battle of Manila, Philippines, 1945

The number of Nationalities this represents is very broad. From Indians and Naga to Philippines, Chinese, British, Americans and Japanese we have covered a large percentage of the peoples involved in this theater of World War II. Our eye is on as complete coverage as possible given our ability to run games, figures available and so forth. In some cases we have had to do large amounts of conversions, such as the case with the KMT Chinese.

The Project Corporate Sponsors thus far are:

  • Figures, Armor, Artillery, USA
  • Britannia Miniatures
  • Battleworks Studios
  • Iron Ivan Games

The list of Game Masters that have joined us are:

  • Peter English
  • Dale L. Kemper
  • Greg Lyle
  • Phil D’Amato
  • Chalfant Conley
  • Keith Stine
  • Sean Barnett
  • Michael Sammarco
  • Chris Bonni
  • Baxter Key
  • Peter Mancini

Further support is being offered in the form of volunteer work, advice and moral support from HMGS-Mid South, Lord Al’s Expeditionary (Al Gaiser) and Nancy Tiller.

For further information regarding the project check out these resources:

The project is more than just a handful of events at Historicon. The website is a community updated entity that will provide valuable information, scenario ideas and discussion about this engaging piece of history. We hope you enjoy what we can provide and contribute on our forum.


  1. Interesting! Saw your link in PJ Medias article on Pearl Harbor where they also cited our piece: The Day After Pearl Harbor.

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