The Broken Earth Campaign

I am starting a new Hero System 6th Edition campaigned called The Broken Earth. It takes place 4 centuries from now on Earth after the planet has been wiped out by an interstellar attempt at takeover. The players are a team of scientists, technicians, leaders and explorers who were frozen prior to the doomsday event and revived with a mission to rescue what is left of humanity.

The Team (Alpha-3) will have an armored personnel carrier, links back to vault 0126 and plenty of high tech gear. Still they will need their wits to survive the wasteland. It just so happens that the ever vigilant overlord computer will be a sort of invisible NPC there. This well intentioned dictator will offer as much of a challenge as any danger the wasteland holds for Alpha-3.

Right now I have 5 players at Hero Central, 4 of whom have created characters. I am hoping to get the 5th to finish his. I can accept up to 8 characters in this run and if it works well I might attempt running multiple teams at the same time.

The story borrows from a lot of my favorite post-apocalyptic and sci-fi favorites. Aliens, The Long Afternoon of Earth, Mad Max, etc. I also borrow elements from The Morrow Project and Paranoia. There are many sources of information I have used. As the campaign materials are finalized I will put them up on this site for easy access.

Many thanks to Dan Simon for creating Hero Central and giving free access to this valuable PBEM RPG support system!

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