Tanks and Flamethrowers and Kobolds

We had another game of Descent. I haven’t been writing about the game much mainly because we play so slowly! When the party enters a dungeon it takes a month of game play to get through the three levels since we have time to do one level per sitting and one sitting about every 2 weeks. We might do another sitting next week if nothing else is planned for Tuesday night. The main issue we encounter is when TOO many people show up. The game ends up being more in my favor as “special guests” tend to do less optimal things (it is a complex game so this isn’t unexpected) and end up making for more conquest for the Overlord. (One particular moment that illustrates how guests hurt was when a 4pt fighter rushed to a fountain to regain some health was hit by an arrow in the back from a skeletal archer and died in the fountain. It was a cinematic moment!)

This time we did a very tight level. I thought it was going to be a 2 hour game tops. I was mistaken it took 3 hours. I threw a lot of monsters at the party. I got to use a Golem which we haven’t used yet in all the games of Decent we’ve played.

While he was tough the wizards showed how much firepower they had in the game. I had him blocking a hallway all by himself and even with a falling block trap limiting access one of the 3 magical types in the party put on the hurt.

However while the magical types have the firepower they do not have any staying power. During one reinforcement phase I swarmed one of them with kobolds. “Kobolds ate my Magic User!” These guys were at the tail end of the party. The dilema was to pull back the front line or to push forward and let the wizardly types figure it out for themselves. What they ended up doing was smoking two kobold stands and then pushing forward setting up a rear guard. That was fine by me. I wanted to keep the Master Kobolds in reserve using their trickster ability to rig up new traps.

Towards the end of the game I was forced to rush the party with the kobolds in an attempt to get one last opportunity kill. Alas the wiz on guard duty had Immolation and “flamethrowered” the hallway turning the kobolds into crispy critters. Those that got in close could not get past his mighty “1” armor. My Kingdom for a Swarm.

I am currently pretty far ahead of the Heroes in terms of conquest. Once this dungeon is complete I might be as many as 15 to 20 points in the lead. Given that they were hurt by several guest visitors (which was only realized in hindsight) I will probably give them an 8 point boost simply to cover the massive shortfall they otherwise would not have had.

We are still having fun and now that all the players have gotten very familiar with the rules the games are playing better and are more fun. The party is making good decisions and doing a bang up job of “hoovering” the dungeon for gold and sweet loot!

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