Talisman – yet again

The game Talisman has a rather interesting an unique history. It is an old school game where there is a track and your characters move along it, just like in Monopoly. It has inner tracks that you can enter from special spaces (and yeah, it is a bit like chutes and ladders at that point,) but don’t let that get ya down. It really is a fun game. I played 1st and 2nd edition. 2nd was my favorite. I saw a few years ago that a copy of 2nd was going for hundreds on ebay. Wow. I later saw they came out with a 3rd edition. However it was also very expensive and they made changes to the rules that weren’t popular so I passed. Then 4th edition came out and I’ve been eyeing the copy at Wargames here in Nashville but then I heard FFG bought the rights and now there is a 4th Revised Edition. Ok. Sold.

The game that replaced it for me for lo these many years was Runebound and I have to say I’m only getting this game for the nostalgia. It takes a LONG time to play. You can force things along more quickly with Runebound by giving people a series of upgrades early. Talisman, I am not sure if there is a way to keep it under 4 freaking hours long. Still though, lots of fun and mayhem. However when you are behind in that game you are really behind. Your only hope is that the poor fool who was first to get to the Crown whiffs his die roll and is slain instead. Yeah, hours of game play all to find out you rolled poorly on the last die roll and have no chance of saving. Some days you get the elevator and other days you just get the shaft.

The cover art is quite nice so I am quite curious how well this one will sell. There is allegedly a version coming for XBox Live which would really rock. I love the Carcassone and Settlers of Catan conversions very much.

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