Silhouette Cameo Paper Cutter for Paper Terrain and Models


Hey there! Long time no post because work and stuff! Yeah, loving the job. Saving lots of money because I am working all the time and don’t have time to get sucked into Kickstarters and Games and all that. Anyway, I am still interested in my goals for this year which include terrain building. I’ve started on some projects and I will write more about them later. The real news is that I’ve discovered that paper models, by hand, are incredibly difficult! And time consuming. And one mistake and it’s over. So I decided to get the right tool for the job so that I don’t waste a ton of time.

Introducing! The Silhouette Cameo paper cutter. For under $250US you get a 12″ wide computer controlled cutter, software for creating the cut files or loading cut files and a few extras. Mine came with two cutting mats, tools and pens (I didn’t realize you could use the thing like a draft plotter as well!) As you can see in the photo above it is pretty compact. However it does a hell of a job.

WP_20130414_011As you can see here I cut out the logo for the Adeptes Astartes. It wasn’t very hard at all to make the logo, starting with a black and white version of it. Auto tracing does most of the work. I then went back and recreated the eyes and nose. What you are looking at is what’s left after I’ve peeled the 12″ x 12″ sheet off of the sticky cutting mat. The sheet could be used easily as a frame for air brushing the logo onto a wall or an army carrying box or the side of your personal ride. The bits left behind could be added to anything. Be creative!

I had it cut out letters as well but some of the fine curves and inner cuts managed to mess it up so perhaps another time with another font.  You can play with the software as it is free. Go there and download it. It’s dead simple to figure out. To get your own Cameo just follow this link.