The Sale Begins


I finally have a web store up to sell the gaming materials of my old friend to help his family. All of the stuff can be found at the Victory Points Yard Sale. This is just the beginning. ThereĀ  were be a lot more stuff added on a weekly basis. I expect it will sell quickly because the prices are very low.

These ARE the droids I was looking for!

Happy day! The right robots showed up from Black Cat Bases. I have to mention right off that the people who run the company are right decent people. Best customer service I’ve had in a while. A long while.

Today I’m going to start painting them up. The only thing I’m missing now are the zombie mutants. Looks like Wargames Factory are having problems now. A real shame as they had produced some great kits. I’ll be shopping around again for appropriate miniatures.

Yesterday was a day full of win for me. Coming home late last night and finding those miniatures in the mail was the cherry!