QuickRoll dice rolling application for iOS

The QuickRoll app is a neat addition to your gaming aides. While it was designed for D20 like games, it can be used for most systems. It runs nicely and allows you the ability to name your die rolls. I used it for a game of Silent Death which has lots of dice combinations. I found it was a huge benefit to speeding up the game.

It maintains a history of die rolls which has many uses and it is there you can see what individual dice were rolled. I haven’t tested how distributed the die rolls are. They claim it is better than many of the other systems. I’ll test this at some time.

My only gripe is that I’d like more die handling abilities. If generic functions were allowed it might work for any gaming system. Currently there is no way to handle Hero System damage rolls other than manually. I’m sure gamers of other systems are also left wanting.

It can still be used for those games and can still add to efficiency. Also you can track multiple characters with it. That’s a super nice addition!

I give it 4/5 stars!