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From Tau

I am starting to fill out the site with the projects I have completed or am presently working on. The Tau army is my first foray back into 40K in a long time. I plan on adding lots of other things under the Games Workshop banner such as my love of Legends of the Old West. I am also getting Space Hulk this weekend so watch for that.

Check out the Tau Page

My dream is to get all of my projects cleaned up, photographed, written up and shared with you in the gaming community. I’ve had a lot of fun over the last 19 years of wargaming and while I have a lot of projects that never saw completion I do have many more that did. This site is also inspiring me to complete half-done past projects. It is amazing how many out of print miniatures I’ve found in my collection. Some have been sold on EBay to pay for this site. Others await new life. For example my original 1980’s Fimir from Games Workshop will end up in a HOTT army!

We still haven’t announced the Grand Opening of Victory Points yet so if you have come here via a google search – welcome! The site is underconstruction but I am aiming for an October 2009 grand opening!

If you want to see my prior work check out my old blog.