[Full Thrust] Phalon Mega Battlefleet for sale!

Phalon FleetBack in the day I loved Full Thrust! I now play Starmada but I would not turn my nose up at a good game of Full Thrust. Alas with my new years resolution I have to make choices and space gaming is out until further notice. That said, take at look at this amazing collection of Phalon Ships! I won’t set an asking price. Make an offer in trade, barter services or offer cold hard cash for this lot! OR turn this into an opportunity for YOU and quote a price that you’d paint these for!


  • FT805 Destroyers (3)
  • FT803 Corvettes (4)
  • FT804B Frigate type B (3)
  • FT802b Battle Scout (4)
  • FT802a Recon Scout (4)
  • FT806 Light Cruiser (2)
  • FT809 Battlecruiser (1)
  • FT807 Medium Cruiser (2)
  • FT808 Heavy Cruiser (2)
  • FT801a Fighters (12)
  • FT801b Heavy Fighters (12)
  • FT801c Fighter Interceptors (12)
  • FT813 Light Fighter Mothership (1)
  • FT811 Battledreadnought (1)
  • FT812 Superdreadnought (1)
  • FT810 Battleship (1)
  • FT814 Heavy Fighter Mothership (1)

17 blisters all told 26 capital ships and 36 fighters.

Let’s make a deal!