Battlefield 3: Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is the simplest game type in the Battlefield 3. Two teams square off to see who can cause the most harm. The game isn’t over until it one side is out of tickets. Any weapon and any style of play can be used but the winning team is the one where the most aggressive and effective tactics are put to use. By effective I mean the best Kill to Death ratio possible and the highest number of kills per minute. Those are opposed goals. That means that trying to maximize one is often at the expense of the other. The careful player knows how to favor not dying over getting the kill and when to get the kill because death is inevitable.

There are no vehicles in this form of play which makes the Engineer class suddenly not a go-to choice. Engineers can still do well, they have access to Personal Defense Weapons (at one point in history known as sub-machine guns, machine pistols and a few other variations. Each map is different for Team Deathmatch (aka TDM) and maps like Caspian Border favor the medium range engagement. Few if any of the maps favor long range engagement. While this may seem to play against the sniper, given enough cover a good sniper will select a medium range scope such as the ACOG and select a suppressor and find someplace to hide in the dark. Snipers also have access to PDWs.

The real trick for the sniper is the MAV, though. This micro-uav is phenomenal. Without pulling a single trigger the MAV equipped sniper can get 4-5000 points per game by simply hiding well and spotting the living hell out of the enemy. I have found that using the MAV often gains my side the win because the advantage of having the enemy lit up all the time is fantastic. One might even say unbalancing excepts for the fact that they can counter-MAV your team.

An often overlooked capability of the MAV is to jam and destroy TUGS, Radio Beacons and other MAVs. How? When you see one, zoom on it (left trigger on the 360) and when it locks pull and hold right trigger to jam and destroy. It is extremely effective and when you are good at it you can keep they skies clear. The other way of removing an enemy MAV is to use a MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense) such as the Stinger or Igla.

MAVs can avoid being killed by missiles and lock on by aggressive flying. Alter your altitude a lot. Fly in and out of cover, near buildings and so forth. This moving target approach increases the likely hood any incoming missile will either miss or get caught on a terrain feature and detonate harmlessly. If you are being targeted by an enemy MAV you will make it that much harder for the enemy pilot to jam and destroy you.

Some maps favor close range. ‘Canals is a great example with lots of room to play in and among the containers. If your side has a TUGS hidden in one all the better. Close range weapons are ideal such as shotguns, pistols and PDWs. Other weapons are fine but rate of fire, time to aim, accuracy from the hip, reload time, and so forth are all critical which is why some assault weapons are not as ideal. My personal favorite is the USAS-12. I played with buckshot until I finally unlocked 12g. FRAG and after that, that is all I used. Its devestating in close quarters but beware, you will suicide a lot if you aren’t careful. Those explosion hurt you too! However, for wiping out the opposition in mass, its a great choice. Double and Triple kills in tight spaces is what that choice is all about.

TDM is great for leveling up weapons. Since you aren’t distracted by other objectives it really keeps the focus where you want it, on engaging and killing infantry.

TDM is the ultimate squad game as well. Few games reward healing, reviving, resupply and spotting as much. The poor mechanic can’t catch a break here for squad support but rockets can sometimes be fun. Plus one of the assignments involves killing 50 people with rockets. This is the place to do it!

Support personnel with their heavy and bulky LMGs aren’t to be forgotten. Take the foregrip over the bipod and equip a reflex or holo weapon sight and you are good to go. The sheer volume of fire one can lay down with those weapons makes up for the slow rate of turn they give you and the piss poor accuracy. Short bursts in a contested area means the enemy will at least be suppressed which will greatly aid your team. Finally, dropping ammo and resupplying your team is just one of those great benefits.

One thing you will notice is that you can’t respawn on your crew in Team Deathmatch. The idea on some of the maps at least is to rotate the spawn locations. You could end up behind enemy who were defending a line. The lesson is, don’t keep still, watch your back and every corner, stick close to teammates when you run into them and use mutual tactics to help each other. That means one guy is watching left while you watch right and keep communicating.

Winning TDM isn’t easy but even if you are behind, stronger cooperation will help turn the tide. Choose accessories for short and medium encounter ranges. Kills are the only thing that really count so do what you need to to make sure you or a teammate gets the kill.

Attack of the Mutants Combat Rules

These are preliminary so may be tweeked by the time Nashcon rolls around.

AotM Combat System

Combat happens when one force enters an area containing an enemy force. Combat is fought until one side is destroyed or forced to retreat. The mutants have a different style than the “normies.” The mutants are much simpler in how they play out.

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