Broken Earth Campaign Ready to Roll

At I have the Broken Earth campaign information finally all loaded. Players can read the world history and jump into creating characters right away. I’m rather excited about this. This weekend I will kick off the campaign and we will have our first run of it.

I had some trouble getting the material up. I did a cut and paste from Word 2010 Beta. In the underlaying HTML there was some formatting that was not understood by HeroCentral which rejected it. However by going into Source Mode I was able to get the raw html and then in EditPlus remove the offending tags. In this case they were <o:p> tags which I have no idea what they do. I could google it I am sure but why…

It looks fine. Even my table formatting looks reasonably intact with little effort needed to fix it. I am really happy so far. Hopefully the players will be happy too.