Stop working, check out this Pulse Rifle

Hollywood Collectibles sent out their newsletter today with a very tantalizing photo. NO DETAILS but if thing is full-size I will get one no matter what stupid price tag they put on it. Oh and HC if you are listening, full lights, sounds and propane muzzle flash plus the most recognizable shot noise in all of film making history!

And if you have never seen Aliens and have no idea what I am talking about or why anyone would spend big $$$ on a replica of a gun that never existed and can’t be used for either home defense or airsoft… you are on the wrong blog! Go Away!


  1. Howard Shirley says:

    But if it could be fitted for airsoft… heck, even Nerf darts would be cool.

    (Nice blog, Corpcommander!)

    — Parzival

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