Site Rebuild Complete


Hey! Welcome to Victory Points v4.0! I just got the rebuild of the site completed. I am really happy with the current look and functionality! It comes just in time to celebrate my new motivation this year which is finishing projects started since 1996 and adding no new ones until they are done or sold off! So some things you will see here are more articles on terrain since that has frequently been my bane. Also you will find more meaningful articles. I wasn’t putting aside any time to really work on this and my approach was haphazard at best. This year I hope to make this a much better, regular experience.

I am really excited about 2013. In clearing out my basement I’ve rediscovered how much cool stuff I’ve collected over the years. It is time to get them on the table and share them with everyone. Not every project will make it. My 11-12 year old Warmaster project is going up for sale! Others are definitely labors of LOVE and will be spared such an end. The Army of Darkness Project is definitely going to get done. My hope is 2013 will be the year I complete Iwo Jima. Its a massive project that will require 20 people to properly play. Maybe more. The number of miniatures involved is quite high! Around 3000 foot troops, dozens of vehicles and will involve a campaign designed to be played in a day.

A great way to start the new year is with a new website dedicated to my favorite hobby. Achievement Unlocked, you’ve just scored Victory Points!

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