Simple ideas for trackable head display for gaming consoles

This guy just got hired for Project Natal for the Xbox. Absolutely great stuff. I was greatly impressed with the appearence of 3D and the fact that he was able to mimick the effect using a camcorder. The fact that he was able to do this on such a small budget and with pretty simplistic tools is what really amazes me here. The concept with the wii is to track where the controller is, as a point in space. By “reversing the triangle” this system is able to track two other points which is needed for the steroscopic view. Great stuff.

If you have not heard of Project Natal (pronounced new-tal for some reason) it is a 3 dimensional sensor, plus biometric sensor. It can tell if it recognizes you by how you look or your voice. It is a key component for future sensor work by Microsoft for game control. No longer will games be just simply about sitting on the couch. Now the machine will be able to order you to scrape and bow to its all mighty presence before allowing you to play and it will know if you did it or not! Seriously though, it should make for much more immersive games. I’m looking forward to it actually.

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