Silent Death Ground Combat Game

Let’s face it. If you have ever played the boardgame Silent Death and liked it you know how much they needed to come out with a game for ground units! Its one of those strange missed opportunities. Or is it? I’ve been thinking… why not just write that game? The basic core SD mechanics could all be used. Add in a few rules for terrain and ways of differentiating vehicles and then come up with some vehicle control sheets and you’ve got yourself a game. The question is, are there enough people out there that enjoyed SD and remember it who would want to check this game out?

I’d love to hear from other fans.


  1. At one time, I think back in late 90s, we discussed this with the ICE folks at Origins and they claimed to have been working on it.

    It never arrived, of course, but man would it be fun to have that system on the ground!

  2. Nick, you can have SD back! The PDF is cheap off of the ICE website. I got that to update my nearly 2 decade old copy. Definitely check it out my friend. Now the campaigns from that time period no longer exist but there are new one plus there are much better supplements. The advantage is that because they are PDFs the ship sheets are super easy to printout. For me this is the number one reason for turning to them over the printed books.

    I think a Silent Death based Tank Game would be a hoot. I’m going to get started on it and then put up an inquiry on other web sites looking for people interested in contributing. I think it would make a great community project.

  3. Peter I loved SD !!I had all the expansions as well!!it was great fun!!! damm wish I still had a copy of it:(

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