Scenarios for Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts`

I’ve come up with a list of the first 12 scenarios I’d like to include in the first book. As always I am interested in comments.

Embrace the Suck: Patrolling the local neighborhood – deal with civilians, IED attacks, and the elusive tango head honcho code named Delta. Patrolling sucks but you have to do it so smile and embrace the suck.

Ten Four Good Buddy: The patrol has to get a convoy through a rough neighborhood. Random factoid: the blast radius of a full tanker truck is 2000 meters.

The Negative Benefits of Payback: Tanks, gunships and all the infantry you have vs. BZ drugged opponents that act more like fast zombies than the enemy you trained for. (Title is a double entendre.)

Leave None Behind: Private “Bootlick” got split from his team when they fell back. Now you’ve got to go get him if you can find him.

Love Thine Enemy: “Wars teach us not to love our enemies, but to hate our allies.” W. L. George. Will the recent cooperation pact strengthen friendship between you and your new ally? Different ROE, different fighting styles and a language barrier make for great fun.

Inherent Right of Self Defense: New Rules of Engagement have the soldiers questioning whom to shoot! The enemy doesn’t seem to have this problem oddly enough.

We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help: Your platoon finds itself between two factions – both of whom you need to make friends with. Embedded journalists and a missing girl make for added excitement.

Unwelcome Guest: You finally cemented the deal between the neighborhood clan and the acting government and have sat down to dinner with the clan leader when a guest whips out a pistol and shoots him in the head. A diplomatically tricky situation ensues!

Chalk Outline: After a rival clan ruins the peace you worked out in the prior scenario you send in a team of cold hearted snipers to demonstrate the principle of Best Friend/Worst Enemy. ROE is whatever you think you can get away with.

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Wise polititians at home have seen the great benefit your troops would have if lawers were embedded at the front line to determine “intent!” Meanwhile you have a shipment of guns and money to aid the “concerned local citizens” resist foreign fighters. The rub is, the news media can’t find out about the guns and money and the foreign fighters would love to hijack the shipment. Oh and the CLCs would be less than pleased if they weren’t paid.

Article 15: You witnessed your Captain accepting a bribe and shooting a civilian. For some reason you think he is trying to kill you because this patrol you’ve been sent on is into the heart of enemy territory. Can you link up with friendly forces in time to alert authorities?

At Ease: You are short with just one mission to go before the Freedom Bird whisks you back to the World. Can you dodge mortars an RPGs long enough to gripe about the in-flight movie?

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