Saga: Normans v Vikings – first game

Today I met with a friend and historical gaming affictionado to play a game of Saga, Dark Ages Skirmishes. It was our first game and I have to say, for a first game it went really well! The rules made sense and the game went exceedingly well. In retrospect the errors we made were minor and we didn’t spend a lot of time doing rules lookup. I would say this is a good sign for the ease of play and the quality of the writing in the rules.

We played with 4 point armies. I didn’t have any mounted or crossbows. He didn’t have any berserkers. ┬áIt was a straight up fight with no special rules in play. We did the first scenario which is intended to put the Warlords into an epic battle to the death. I tried to reduce him with arrows and win a cheap victory. He managed to get his Hearthguard and his Warlord within range of mne! We had an epic battle and he had epic die rolling. His Warlord shrugged off a 13 die attack from my warlord. That was not pretty! We didn’t do melee exactly right but I think the results were fair. What was obvious was there were a lot of other options we had in initial setup, choices in activation order and so forth that would have made for a much different game. The game is simple, mechanically, but there is a lot to learn and to exploit in terms of tactics. I am really glad I spent the money on this game. I think I’ll end up playing a lot of it!

My next game will hopefully feature some new figures. I ordered a bunch from Architects of War to fill out my Normans and I need to re-think how I will do my Vikings. I also plan on looking at the other armies. Next game I get in I plan on taking better notes and writing up a proper after action report!


  1. My next game will hopefully feature some new figures.

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