Robot Malfunction for Attack of the Mutants

Tracked Robots

Experimental automatons

These are the droids I was looking for. Sadly they are not the ones I got in my shipment from Black Cat Bases. A small snafu meant the person picking blisters for my shipment ended up pulling the wrong ones. There is no one around at the shop to fix this until January 5th so I won’t expect replacements until January 20th at best.

In the meantime the robots I did get sent are kinda cool and while they don’t fit in with the University theme, they could make a surprise appearance from the Ad Astra portal… The robots I did get are Mono-wheeled robots that look suspiciously like the 2060-B RobCo Securitron robot! Here is a picture of the figure and another from the Fallout series of games. Its a bit tongue in cheek but the people at Segway(tm) have us covered.

Robco 2060-B Securitron

Robco 2060-B

CGI From Fallout series of games

Robco 2060-B Securitron

The way I would work them in is via a card that was keyed to the Ad Astra project and they would appear in the central tech room. I might make it two cards. One for when they are on the side of the Mutants and one for when they are on the side of the Humans!


  1. Got word that the replacement robots are on the way! Really looking forward to getting them. I can’t wait to get this project moving!

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