Road to Legend – Through our first dungeon

Last night we had another round of Road to Legend. We managed to get the party through the 3rd level of the dungeon they were in. Once again, the smaller levels have improved the game for us. Some people probably would hate spending 3 nights doing the dungeons but we had a blast because each level was playable in the time constraints we have on Tuesday nights. It was also Al’s birthday. So there was cake involved! Someone heard he was “into gaming” and sent him a poker themed cake. ahem. 🙂

Anyway, we had extra people show up and we shoehorned them into the game. Basically they got basic characters that I equipped. They helped clear the level faster. I did earn an extra threat (5 per turn instead of 4) to compensate. I got very lucky in my play last night in spite of the fact that I forgot a special feature of the dungeon we were using (it had pits that I could move!) There was a profusion of razorwings and dark priests (my MVPs!) in the game. The party handily dispatched them but only earned 8cp to my 15. I got lucky and managed to kill off three 4 point characters (one was a cursed 3 pointer). I earned another 2 from a weaker character and 1 when they opened a treasure chest. One of their cp’s came from opening the chest and not getting any good ‘lewt’ – sort of a consolation prize. The game now stands 31 to 37, favoring the Overlord. So after one dungeon we are at 68 points, It won’t take long before we hit the 200 points to cross into Silver campaign level. I better level up my dudes with all my experience points – pronto!

I think our next session will involve going over in detail the steps needed to upgrade the characters and the various options. Given how useful the power dice are, I think some of our members will be adding quite a few to their characters. The new silver and gold power dice are excellent additions to the game and only come in Road to Legend. I can use them too, as Overlord, but it costs me threat. Last night I boosted my last shot in the game with my remaining threat. The Gold die is able to produce 3 surges and 3 damage. Alas it came up blank but I was still pretty far ahead. Other things the party can consider are beefing up Tamilar, adding to their known skills and stocking up on supplies. Heck, for a mere 250 gold they can get a random copper treasure! Sweetness! So far I have nothing but praise for RtL.

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