Road to Legend – not for Eurogamers?

I was checking out reviews on Boardgamegeek and came across one that was negative of Descent: Road to Legend. Read it here.

In the comments someone mentioned that it probably isn’t good for Eurogamers who expect a very balanced game. It is interesting. My group is still enjoying it a lot but we could hardly be considered Eurogamers. In fact we are miniature gamers, and historical gamers at that for the most part. It is an interesting split among gamers that I had not really thought much of. I imagine then that gamers who like those endless railroad building games would positively HATE Descent while people who like FPS video games would probably like it a lot.

It is definitely one of those games where you can min/max to your heart’s delight but you can always roll the X in combat. Anyway, found it interesting. I’ll have to think about that one a bit.

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