Rackham Teasers: Confrontation, Cogs and Red Blok

Well they have done it again. They have bombarded my mailbox with the lastest news and I have to say this was a direct hit. Everything looks like it will have a highly negative impact on my wallet. Lets hope my professional career will support this kind hostile environment because we all know there is no way to escape war. Ok lets start with Confrontation:

The next Army will be Lions and these figs look amazing. This is the Guards unit box. Sweet. Hopefully the Army book will be out soon. I’ve been trying to buy the all the Army books. I have a lot of the metal figures and I will eventually be getting them painted to augment the pre-painted plastic armies. I have a lot of the characters and certainly tons of the foot soldiers. In particular I already have a large Wolfen army that is just waiting for some paint. The thing I’ve got the biggest shortage of now is time. Let’s face it I should just go to France and get a job with Rackham once I am done with this whole career in intelligent systems.

Up next they sent various pictures of one of the new Cogs. Box launchers and pistols. Ok. Weird, yet, kick ass at the same time. I wonder what their vehicles will look like?

Finally we have what everyone has been waiting for – the walking house (aka Dotch Yaga!) This is the Red Blok answer to the question “how can we kill every living or constructed thing we see?” The stats on this beast are intense. Too bad Red Blok has to wait months while the Therian answer to the same question will roam free and let blood at every turn! Thank goodness for me that I collect all 4 factions.

All in all a very good set of previews from our brother’s in France. Viva la Rackham!

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