Products Page to help support GPW

We have a products page active now at the Greater Pacific War site. It is run via CafePress. All the proceeds from that will support the project. We need to raise several thousands of dollars to create the terrain for the larger games as well as to buy the miniatures and hire the teams of painters to get them ready.

Right now we just have a couple of mousepads. They have as their design pictures from Martin and Sam’s Operation Market Garden game. Its a really cool mouse pad actually! I plan on getting one myself. I will be adding shirts and related items later. With any luck these will sell and help generate some income for the project.

Ali is still working the funding angle. In the meantime the project is still being funded out of my pocket. As we move forward, get articles written and produce more visible ways of educating people about this part of World War Two I think it will become more obvious the value of this project to the community. My hope is that once its value is recognized funding will come in to help cover the costs.

Its not lost on me that this project is worth much more than a one shot deal at Historicon. The things we are writing, building and teaching will have value long past the big event. Keeping the website up indefinitely and supporting it with more articles, scenarios, workbench articles and so forth and funding it through advertising and product sales will make this a long term institution for wargamers and historians. Making is self-sufficient should be one of its goals. It can do that by consistently providing a high level of worth for the website’s visitors. From the beginning this has been a community project. The community can add to it just as we give back to the community. Perhaps I am being idealistic but I would really like to see it take on a life like that.

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