Polar Expedition an alternative idea for ASGARD

So I was looking over old marketplace items on The Miniatures Page and came across one for a set of polar adventure figures. They also had some Call of Cthulhu inspired figures.
The original idea was that some previous expedition ventured into this arctic region, encountered many troubles and the lone survivor came back with wild tales of what they found. World Governments, in a rare moment of solidarity, declared the area off limits. Of course wild stores and forbidden knowledge is the surest thing to drive science adventure teams to see just what exactly is going on!
The objective of the game is to document the activity, collect samples and survive long enough to return to your ship. There is no second place so teams will be very competitive and perhaps aggressive in their drive to secure the treasure of scientific knowledge of the place!
So I was thinking, ASGARD is GM free but its not set up to handle competing teams… or is it? What ASGARD does is it sets up various encounter points where when you get into range of one you test for an encounter. If you get one then you apply it. Once you’ve seen some variation of an encounter you mark it off the sheet and ignore it if it comes up again. So, with multiple teams this is still possible. What might change is what happens when an encounter goes out of contact. I think in that case we might instead put a marker down with it’s number on it and wait for someone else to approach it.


I think otherwise, there isn’t anything preventing a game like this from working with ASGARD. I’m excited to give this idea a try.


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