Playtest of Very Large ACW Naval game in photos

We helped David Raybin playtest his rules for ACW naval. He has several very large ship models for the period that are beautiful. He has converted them all to waterline models and they look great on the table. In order to get in two dozen turns for his game at Nashcon he has to streamline them and he wanted to see where they needed improvement. So we ran the playtest. Honestly they don’t need much improvement at all. They work reasonably well. There are no weird abstractions. There are things that aren’t realistic but nothing too glaring. One notable thing was the turning speed of the Virginia. In real life it took 30 minutes to turn 180 degrees. Every ACW Naval game has its flaws though. David has come up with a very playable game that is excing and enjoyable to watch as well.

Here then are the photos of the playtest. Come to Nashcon on Memorial Day weekend to try the game out yourself!

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