Picked up some Karmans

I am on my way to have a complete AT-43 set. I picked up the Karmans at Wargames. I had to wait for my expense report at work to clear. Finally the money hit the account and off I went to pick up about 10 boxes of the wonderful, fuzzy creatures.

The Karmans are uplifted apes. As you may know the weird story line behind the AT-43 Universe all ties back into Earth. At some point humans split between cyborgs and pure strain humans. The cyborgs uplift the apes and begin a grand plan to take over the Universe and order it to their liking. The pure strain humans split into two faction and the apes, well they just manage to survive between all three.

Coming up in the AT-43 world is Operation Frostbite. I am very much looking forward to that book. It will allow to play an extended campaign. It has some new rules and one would hope a pretty interesting large scale meta campaign.

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