Site under re-construction

I am totally redoing this site. Please bear with me! … [Continue reading]

Rockwell Bladerunner

So I was looking at tools to help build terrain with. I came across this cutting device:   It looks pretty cool. It is currently $159 new and cheaper used. It is small, perfect for building gaming terrain and the price can't be beat. … [Continue reading]

Billy Yank – new regimental ACW rules under development

My good friend Nathanial St. John has been running gorgeous games from the British Colonial Period using his rules Naughty, Naughty Sepoy. The rules are a blast and, like all good rules, take about 3-5 turns to understand. They really shine in how … [Continue reading]

Moo – painting animals

One of the things that make some games shine aren't the soldiers or the terrain but the incidental stuff like civilians and animals. When it comes to animals I have found that if I paint them from memory they never look right. We have these idealized … [Continue reading]

Halo – Tomorrow’s War

volley fire

Just after my last Battlefield 3 video I lost my 2nd Xbox 360. I had bought a spare but it died a few months ago and I opted to wait to repair it. Well, play the violin, both died due to electrical surge (possibly from a bad brick) and neither could … [Continue reading]

Battlefield 3: Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is the simplest game type in the Battlefield 3. Two teams square off to see who can cause the most harm. The game isn't over until it one side is out of tickets. Any weapon and any style of play can be used but the winning team is the … [Continue reading]

Battlefield 3 Tactics to get you started

Battlefield 3 is DICE/EA's latest Battlefield Game. There have been many to come before this one but this is clearly the cutting edge of First Person war-related shooters. There are tanks, planes, light vehicles, artillery, soldiers and all manner of … [Continue reading]

47 Ronin legend slain, Turnbull Praised

One of my favorite blogs, Shogun-ki, has done a review of Turnbull's latest Osprey book about the 47-Ronin. I had known for some time that the legend was false but not so much the actual details of the correct history. Much of what I learned that was … [Continue reading]

Dr. Manbender Comes a Knocking

Ah yes, another game of Attack of the Mutants. This time we had High Roller Ken*, Chemical Dave** and Lord Al*** as the humans. I, Whitey, was once again entrusted to the bad evil Doctor. There were some interesting moments in this game but it still … [Continue reading]

Runebound: Class Decks

I played a long game of Runebound using the Isle of Dread variant and class decks. If you have not tried the class decks yet they add several interesting mechanics to the game. There are two components of each deck. The first is a group of 5 talents, … [Continue reading]