Siege of Augusta, HMGS-Midsouth gaming convention

It's on, it's this weekend, I am totally pumped for it. I am heading out a zero dark thirty on Friday morning and it's going to be a blast. The team down in Georgia has really stepped it up this year and this convention should have a wide variety of … [Continue reading]

Star Wars X-Wing [FFG]


This past weekend we played a game of Star Wars X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games. As far as games go, this one is tremendous fun. One thing I really love about it is that the complexity is quite low but it still offers great tactical challenge. You … [Continue reading]

crotale IIIc Model

Crotale IIIc

I just picked this up tonight from Genet Models. I've gone all in on paper craft for 2013. I love several of the models at Genet and a few of them will help fill out my projects and help me complete my goals for this year. I'm aware there is a … [Continue reading]

SOLD — [Full Thrust] Kra’vak Fleet for sale

SOLD Yet another treasure pulled from the basement that needs to find a loving home that will paint and play with these babies. This is a great looking fleet and if I remember the Full Thrust rules well enough, breaks all laws of physics basically … [Continue reading]

[Full Thrust] Phalon Mega Battlefleet for sale!

Phalon Fleet

Back in the day I loved Full Thrust! I now play Starmada but I would not turn my nose up at a good game of Full Thrust. Alas with my new years resolution I have to make choices and space gaming is out until further notice. That said, take at look at … [Continue reading]

SOLD — [Warmaster] Orc Army for Sale, 17 blisters asking $140

Warmaster Orc Army

SOLD This army looks even more interesting than the Empire one, I think. It lacks the heavy hitting aspect of the Empire Army but it has loads of mobility. It contains the following blisters: Night Goblin Archers x4 Orc Characters Orc Boar … [Continue reading]

Treasure From the Basement: A.T.A.C. APC


Already my first project done. I found this model in my basement this morning. I've had it, what, 15+ years? How many times did it hit the table in that time? Not one that I recall! I got Woodbine Designs Not Aliens Colonial Marines at Historicon so … [Continue reading]

You can now follow us on Twitter

I just set up a twitter account for this website. I'll make sure to install a plugin that will send alerts on new postings here. Check it out at: If you have ideas of how we can spread the word about the twitter … [Continue reading]

Site Rebuild Complete

Hey! Welcome to Victory Points v4.0! I just got the rebuild of the site completed. I am really happy with the current look and functionality! It comes just in time to celebrate my new motivation this year which is finishing projects started since … [Continue reading]

[Warmaster] Empire Army, 18 blisters asking $150 — SOLD

SOLD Up for sale is this 18 blister set. Wanted $150 or trade or service barter for the lot. Contains: Empire Pistoleers Empire Heroes and Wizards Empire Knights x3 Empire Flagellants Empire Hand Gunners Empire Crossbowmen … [Continue reading]