15mm ACW: The Devil To Pay

This weekend we are continuing work on the ACW regimental combat rules 'The Devil to Pay'. These rules have been used for a variety of 18th and 19th century periods. The development of ACW rules using them is interesting because it is the very start … [Continue reading]

SteamOS is Building Momentum

  I use Linux at work and am a big fan of it. It is terrible when it comes to hardware compatibility, however. In the old days the adoption of video tape came only when there was demand. In that case the demand was driven by pornography. What … [Continue reading]

Attack of the Movie Heroes

I've actually gotten some painting finished. Tomorrow I'll put on some final touches but these are tabletop ready! They will be used in a variant for Attack of the Mutants, only this time the threat is on the inside! Movie heroes are appearing in … [Continue reading]

Saga: Normans v Vikings – first game

Today I met with a friend and historical gaming affictionado to play a game of Saga, Dark Ages Skirmishes. It was our first game and I have to say, for a first game it went really well! The rules made sense and the game went exceedingly well. In … [Continue reading]

Dark Ages Wargaming with Saga

  I've started playing Dark Ages gaming again after a long hiatus. What brought me back in are the rules published by Gripping Beast called Saga: Dark Age Skirmishers. The rules are a hoot to read. The writing style is presents clear rules … [Continue reading]

Polar Expedition an alternative idea for ASGARD

So I was looking over old marketplace items on The Miniatures Page and came across one for a set of polar adventure figures. They also had some Call of Cthulhu inspired figures. The original idea was that some previous expedition ventured into … [Continue reading]

Nashcon 2013

I had a total blast at Nashcon this year! 2013 was the largest turnout for this convention in a long time. Almost 400 people were there. There were plenty of great dealers and tournaments and local activities to keep anyone happy for several days. I … [Continue reading]

Silhouette Cameo Paper Cutter for Paper Terrain and Models

Hey there! Long time no post because work and stuff! Yeah, loving the job. Saving lots of money because I am working all the time and don't have time to get sucked into Kickstarters and Games and all that. Anyway, I am still interested in my goals … [Continue reading]

Colonial Africa Game

Today I was invited to this excellent game. A full write-up will follow with many more photos and a full AAR. It was the miniatures and the great terrain that made it so much fun, along with the excellent companions to play with. … [Continue reading]

A Method for “Gaming” Predictions for the D6 Generation

I have been listening to the D6 Generation for a few months now and enjoy the podcast. I highly recommend all gamers to listen to it. It's long so great for listening to in parts during your commute or between classes or during your performance … [Continue reading]