Out of the Box Thinking

Well a few things have happened over the last few days.  The first is that this weekend was Pete English’s Birthday.  It was a surprise party and it ended up being just that.  I gave him Doom the Boardgame and we played that twice.  It was great fun.  With two players the Marine seemed to have any easy time of it on the first board.  On the 2nd board with 2 players we ran into much the same BUT the marines were only about 2/5th of the way to the exit when I had them down to 2 frags with 1 coming for free in 5 turns.  I like how it forces cooperation.  Great game.  We also played Star Wars Miniatures Battles.  Pete is working on a new scenario.  Like all scenarios on the first try it was totally unbalanced.  Not that that can’t be fun though.  It was all melee vs. almost all shooters which is known to be uncompetitive in straight up fights in that game.  The basic scenario is Anakin pushing into the Temple with the Clone Troopers.  Guarding it were 4 Senate Guards, 2 Jedi Guardians and 2 Young Jedi Knights.  The concept was that they would get fewer forces since they were on the defensive.  However it requires them to actually be able to take advantage of the defensive terrain and as L-Saber wielding Jedi that just isn’t an option.  The Light Saber forces the Jedi to be on the offensive which is, ironically, very un-Jedi!  As an improvement to the game I’d suggest he give the Jedi Force Push and don’t force them to start in the open in LOS of the Clones.

While at the Party I got to speak with Sean Barnett.  He is going to run two Naval games for the PTO project.  They sound very interesting.  We are still working on the surface area he will need for these games.  Sean has been running Naval Games since the 80’s so his experience should make for a very interesting scenario.  I’ll gather his info and put it up on the website when it next gets updated.

I also completed a teaser trailer for the OMG documentary.  It looks good.  I showed it to the Track and Hull guys and they really liked it.  I took stills from the game and where ever there was some form of fire indicated by florescent damage markers I replaced it with real flame.  The photorealistic result is fantastic.  Buildings burn, vehicles cook and smoke billows.  I didn’t use much more than masks and insert-into-selection techniques along with some smudging, color adjustment, scaling, blah blah blah.  I did like the final results.  It’s a bit labor intensive but who cares when the results are good?

Speaking of the Track and Hull guys, I got a few volunteers to help out from terrain building to play testing.  These guys are all locals and are all stand-up people.  Some of them have vast experience gaming and I am sure they will really add to the project.

Iwo Jima Island, since much of it wasn’t fought on, doesn’t need to be fully depicted.  This needs contemplation.  On the bad side the Island isn’t fully detailed.  On the positive, though, Mount Suribachi shall become even bigger.  Martin’s original idea was to have the game be a race between the U.S. units.  I am not sure he fleshed the concept out much beyond that.  We will first set up a decent military simulation and then add race elements to it.  It will be interesting if I can make it such that if the U.S. players don’t cooperate then the Japanese win the game.  We do want to make this game the center piece.  Now that we don’t have to make the whole island I can think about doing things in a variety of scales.  This shall be an interesting issue.

I have to get together with Al Gaiser and get Howard Whitehouse’s contact info.  I need to start planning the 1930’s China game and soon.

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